I did my undergrad at Imperial College London, and then a masters at Warwick University in 2014-2015 with Don Pollacco.  As part of the WASP team I looked for new, transiting exoplanets, and led the discovery of WASP-135b - a hot Jupiter orbiting a sun-like star.  The paper is here.

I got my PhD from the University of Exeter, supervised by David Sing, and right now I'm  51 Pegasi b fellow at Caltech, in Heather Knutson's group.  I mainly use the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) to characterise the atmospheres of exoplanets, using a technique called transmission spectroscopy.  

I led the team which first discovered helium on an exoplanet - on the warm gas giant WASP-107b.  You can read the paper here, and a short 'behind the paper' post here.  

I'm P.I. of another HST program to observe one of the best planets for transmission spectroscopy: WASP-127b.  It's a low-density gas giant with an expected atmospheric scale height of about 3,000km, which is very large compared to Earth's scale height of about 10km, and that of Jupiter, at about 30km.